What is this?

This site lets you explore the details of the City of Sacramento's adopted 2018 budget.


In the first column, you can begin breaking down the budget by:

  • Departments: These are the major divisions of city government, such as Police, Fire, and Utilities.
  • Fund Types: These are the different fund sources that are used to pay for city expenditures, such as the General Fund, Enterprise Funds, and Internal Service Funds.
  • Account Types: These are the various categories of expenditure for the city, including Employee Services, Other Services and Supplies, and Debt Service.


Clicking the column headers in the table allows you to sort the table alphabetically, by budget amount, and by change from the previous year.


To explore part of the budget in more detail, just select specific departments, fund types, or account types by clicking rows in the table, and a second column will appear right here, with information on the item you selected.

Note: The city renamed and reorganized several divisions within its departments between fiscal year 2017 and fiscal year 2018. If a division is new or has a different name in 2018, it will not show a percentage change from the previous year.

Now what?

Now that you've made a selection, you can break that piece of the budget down into finer levels of detail. Your choices include:

  • Department/Division/Section: For example, Police department, Investigations division, Forensic Identification section.
  • Fund Type/Fund Group/Fund Name: For example, Other Governmental fund type, Debt Service fund group, Kings-Arco Arena Acquisition fund name.
  • Account Type/Account Category/Account Name: For example, Employee Services account type, Employee Benefits account category, PERS Retirement account name.
If you click rows in the second column, a third column will appear here, allowing you refine your selection even further. With practice, you can use this tool to make all kinds of interesting comparisons. For example:

To compare the total amount paid for hours worked in each City Councilmember's office, select Departments: Mayor/Council -> Account Names: Regular Hours -> Sections.

To see how much the city spends on interest payments on outstanding debt, select Account Types: City Debt Service -> Account Names: Interest Payments -> Fund Names.

To compare PERS retirement costs among city departments, select Account Types: Employee Services -> Account Names: PERS Retirement -> Departments.